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Airgas Model HG445A660 Stainless Steel Mercury Standards Two Stage Pressure Regulator

Airgas Model HG445A660 Stainless Steel Mercury Standards Two Stage Pressure Regulator

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These two-stage regulators are specifically designed for low-flow, non-corrosive gas applications where precise delivery pressure is critical. They feature a brass piston sensor in the first stage, a stainless steel diaphragm in the second stage and a preset safety relief valve. A sintered brass filter protects internal parts. These two-stage regulators are also ideal for medical diagnostic applications, such as blood gas analysis, where precise pressure control and low flow rates are required. They are available with 973 pin-indexed yoke connection for use with E medical cylinders. Not to be used for human consumption or digestion.

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  • Features
    Unique Proprietary Passivation Process: Special coating prevents mercury from “sticking” to the internal wetted components of the stainless steel regulator. Convoluted Hastelloy C-22 Diaphragms: Providing superior leak integrity without contamination from a non-metallic liner or seal. Threadless Seat Design: Providing longer regulator life.
  • Specifications
    odel » HG445A660 Usage » Mercury Standards Material » Stainless Steel Regulator Type » Two Stage Regulator » Special Service Pressure Regulator » Specialty Application Regulator Outlet Connection » 1⁄4" TOD Compression Fitting Max Outlet Pressure » 30 psig Gauge Diameter » 2 1/2"
  • Product Attributes
    This two-stage stainless steel, high-purity regulator has been designed to provide precise pressure regulation for the Airgas EPA Protocol Mercury Standards. The two-stage body, diaphragms, internal carriers, internal compression members, 0.06 Cv poppets, conical compression springs, 1⁄4" compression fitting and CGA-660 nipple are all passivated using a proprietary coating. This unique coating mitigates the chances of any level of mercury attaching to the internal wetted components of this specialty regulator. The result is a two-stage pressure regulator that will not hold back or alter any level (PPM or PPB) of the mercury standard. The internal threadless seat design of the two-stage stainless steel regulator is the same as used in our high-purity Y12-C445 series. The convoluted Hastelloy C-22 diaphragms provide excellent regulating characteristics and allow for internal vacuum purging. An outlet 1⁄4" compression fitting is provided to maintain optimum system purity.


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